Photography by MADU Photography

DJ Dex Mo'

In 2000, after collecting Hip Hop records for almost a decade Dex Mo' 

turned his back on mainstream Hip Hop and threw out most of his record collection - a new beginning, no more bullshit.

Dex Mo' the DJ

Dex Mo' is an advocate of that boom bap sound. What defines his style is not only what he plays but also what he doesn't play. No mainstream, no RnB, no compromises, ever. Dex Mo's sound is everything that has been missing in hip hop in the past 10 years. 

Dex Mo's influences are diverse. As a DJ however, the one individual who had the biggest impact on Dex Mo's style is Mirko Machine, a DJ from Hamburg, Germany.

To date Dex Mo' has supported hip hop acts, local and international, such as Choose Mics, Drapht, Evil Eddy, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Ladi6 and many more.

REPRESENT real hip, online hip hop radio show

In 2009, Dex Mo' and partner in crime Ricky Shamroxx founded BOOM BAP FM - Hip Hop online radio as raw as it gets. In 2010 the show joined the Goonbag Radio network and was renamed to REPRESENT - real hip hop. Ricky and Dex still broadcast every Thursday night. Find out more and tune in under

Beat Basement Records

After being surrounded by numerous talented MCs with no proper outlet Ricky Shamroxx and Dex Mo' founded Beat Basement Records.